Another batch has been fulfilled! Our shipments are at full speed!

Another batch has been fulfilled! Our shipments are at full speed!

Dear Backers,

Great pleasure to meet you again.

While we are still busy with production and packaging for the next batch, some of you have received your POP and started scanning. I am sure you are as excited as we are for the new journey we are going to embark on!

Now, let’s check out the good news recently!

Delivery News

We understand that you are eager to receive the product, and the team has been taking the delivery issue as our priority. Here we bring you news on shipping:

About 1300pcs products has been shipped this week. And 3-4 days later, you will get information about tracking No.

All products shipped to the United States has been shipped completely and the next batch including products to Germany, United Kingdom and Japan are in final checking. The quantity has accounted for more than a half of orders, and we have gone a long way to reach there together. The Revopoint3D Team expresses our big thanks to all for your support and understanding.

Software Updates and Online

1. Handy Scan version (Windows) has been updated on April 16;

Handy Scan

Since shipped the first batch of POP, our R&D team has been retesting our hardware and software to make ways to improve user experience. Given customer feedback and opinions, our R&D team has introduced you the latest version of Handy Scan software and uploaded it on our Official Website: Download | Revopoint 3D Technologies Inc.

3d scanner software download

2.Android version came online on April 17!

With more and more backers receiving products, we know that some urgently wait for the software for smartphones and taking your POP outside. We got your information, and the R&D team worked hard to enhance our software performance. Here the Android version comes:

You can get the Android software on the website:

3d scanner app

3.iOS Launched!

Today, iOS will meet with you!

To meet iOS user demand, we actively strived to pass the audit of Apple. And since April 15, you could download the Handy Scan iOS version in App Store. Today, we update a new version for a better user experience. Le’s update your iOS version right now!

Note: No one is perfect, but we can always do better. So please contact us if you have any problems and suggestions.

Support Material Adding

Another good news is we never stop supplementing our Support Material. A written paper probably helps a lot for the one using a 3D scanner for the first time. For simplifying your operation, we have uploaded the following material last week at:

1. Packages Introduction: Introduce our product packages and how to use them;

2. User Manual- Android & iOS Handy Scan: Guide you connect your phone and POP;

3. Human Face & Body Scan: Detail method and process of scanning face and body;

And soon other scanning instructions will reach you. Keep tuned on our Support area in on our official website.

Social Media News

1. We have the following media accounts for sharing the latest information, activities and promotion:

Instagram& Facebook: will bring you our latest products news, giveaway activities;

YouTube will mainly introduce you to product workshop you can refer to while scanning.

Twitter will share 3D models and product news.

The links as below:





You can reach us on any platform if necessary.

2.Go and Visit our Forum:

We have sent the invitation to you guys last month to visit our Forum and giving your suggestions.

Go and visit the forum. Have Fun!

Also, you can find the newest software, product tutorials, showcases from other users, and get help from Revopoint 3D Team.

It has been a long journey to get to this point! We feel sorry for not being able to deliver the products to you according to the original schedule, but we are proud that we will finally fulfill all the rewards. We are also proud that we have thousands of backers as our first group of users. Your feedback, whether positive or not, helps us grow much faster than we have ever imagined! We are ready to make the final dash now!


Revopoint 3D Team

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