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Revo Scan 5

Revo Scan is the companion scanning software for the Revopoint POP, POP2, MINI and RANGE.

windows V5.0.6
Windows V5.0.7
Updated 2023-05-26
Mac V5.0.7
Updated 2023-05-26
Android V5.0
Android V5.0.4
Updated 2023-04-28
iOS V5.0.5
Updated 2023-05-25
Revo Assistant

The Application is designed to control your Dual-axis Turntable and Large Turntable in real time while scanning.

Dual-axis Turntable R.C.
Android V1.2.0
Updated 2023-05-22
Dual-axis Turntable R.C.
iOS V1.2.0
Updated 2023-05-18
The Following Software Will No Longer Be Updated.
Revo Studio

Revo Studio is easy-to-use post-processing software for editing 3D models in PLY, OBJ, and STL.

Windows V3.0.7.6
Updated 2023-01-31
Mac V3.0.7.5
Updated 2022-12-11
Revo Scan 4

The Revo Scan V4 will not update any more,please download Revo Scan V5 for better user experience.

Windows V4.1.1
Windows V4.3.1
Updated 2023-02-06
Mac V4.2.0
Mac V4.3.1
Updated 2023-02-06
Revopoint 3D Scanner
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