Meet Revopoint 3D team at 3DBody. Tech 2019, the premier international conference and exhibition on 3D human body scanning and processing technologies on October 22-23, 2019 in Lugano, Switzerland.

We are excited to present our latest 3D camera Acusense A1 and face scanner Facense F4 at the expo. We also offer customizable 3D body scanning solutions and SDK.

The 3D camera and face scanner can generate high resolution 3D data with submillimeter accuracy quite fast, thus suitable for applications like face recognition, prosthetics, orthodontics, plastic surgery and personalized consumer product.

3DBODY.TECH Conference & Expo is an international arena for firms, universities and research institutions and manufacturers to present innovations, research works, and products and solutions. At the expo this year, manufacturers from around the world will demonstrate their 3D/4D scanning/measurement systems, visualization systems, and data processing/analysis solutions in 14 technical session. Tao Yang, Revopoint’s R&D director, will share the latest research of Revopoint, and the technical features of the 3D camera and scanner products.

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