Handysense can be used outdoors, but like any other structured-light 3D scanners, strong light is a tricky challenge. If you need to use Handysense outdoors, please avoid scanning in direct sunlight or use a cover if necessary.

There are two features that make Handysense work well outdoors. One is the light weight. Handysense, even though has a full-metal housing, only weighs less than 600g. It would be convenient to carry it almost anywhere. The second feature is the USB-powered scan function. The 3D scanner can be powered by the USB cable which is connected to the working computer. You can freely move around the object while scanning. If you’ve got a fully-charged laptop, it won’t be a worry as for the clumsy power cable or finding an electrical outlet.

Scanner: Handysense

Scanning conditions: outdoors; sunny; no direct sunlight while scanning

Object: plaster bust statue (54*24*18cm)

Computer: 1G video memory, i5-6400 processor; 16GB RAM; USB3.0

Software: Handyscan scanning software

3D model