In comparison with stationary 3D scanners, handheld 3D scanners are favored by their portability and versatility. If accuracy is not the most important factor for your consideration, a handheld 3D scanner would offer more possibilities, for example, when you want to scan a big object.

To explore how well Handysense deals with large-sized objects, our engineer decided to have a test. They found a buddha statue in a small park in the early evening when there isn’t strong sunlight. The statue is not fenced off and is public to all visitors, so we are allowed to scan it with our 3D scanner, let alone we use 100% safe invisible infrared.

Scanner: Handysense

Scanning conditions: outdoors; no direct sunlight while scanning

Object: Stone buddha statue (grey granite); approx. 5 feet tall

Computer: 16G video memory, i7-9750H processor; 16GB RAM; USB3.0

Software: Handyscan scanning software


The scanning lasts for about 5 minutes and we get a 3D model as below.

In this case, we felt scanning the statue incredibly easy with Handysense for two reasons: the light weight and USB-supported scanning. Handysense has a small form factor and light weight around 600g. Via a USB cable, the scanner can be powered by a laptop. These make it possible to carry Handysense anywhere and use it in different scenarios. Normally one person alone can perform the whole scanning operation.

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