Handheld 3D scanners are suitable tools to scan a person’s entire body very quickly. Besides the contactless working style, Handysense makes body scanning safer and easier. In contrast to other handheld 3D scanner which emits dazzling light during the scanning process, Handysense adopts safe invisible infrared to capture depth data, which won’t cause annoyance to the person’s eyes. Since the scanner can get powered by connecting to a laptop with the USB cable, users can move freely around the object to make a fast scan.

The 3D body models can be used in industries like design, art and healthcare.

The person can adopt different postures, but to achieve the best possible scan result, it’s better to keep the person as still as possible during the scanning process, otherwise it may end up with distorted point cloud. It can be hard for a person to stay still for a long time, so it’s suggested that the scanning start from face scanning.