Before you start to scan, make sure you logged in and the calibration is successful.

Step 1. Put the object at the center of turntable. Before scanning, you’d better tap the object on screen to focus and get the best exposure.

Step 2. Tap START SCANNING, the turntable would rotate the object to scan each side of it. It takes about 2-3 minutes. You would see scanning progress and the forming point cloud on screen. During the scanning, you may rotate the model in the touchscreen, it will not impact the on-going scanning progress.

Step 3. When scanning finishes, you would see a complete model on screen, you can swipe it in all directions, or zoom or pinch it as you like.

Step 4. You can find all the models you have scanned in MODEL LIST. There you may view point cloud, upload models to Cloud or PC, or delete models.

3d scanner local model

Step 5. Tap VIEW POINT CLOUD to simply edit the model. For example, switch texture, cut the model off, or export the models in PLY/STL format.

3D Model with Texture

3D Model with Texture

3D Model without Texture