Normal desktop 3D scanner can only scan object from a fixed distance, so we introduced Tanso Pro for professional users to scan objects of different size from different distance, which allows you to scan objects as big as 300x300x300mm with accuracy up to 0.1mm.

To scan objects of different sizes, you need to change the turntable position on positioning pad.

The distance between the scanner and turntable could be 30cm (A), 45cm (B) and 60cm (C).

Tanso Pro positioning pad

Tanso Pro positioning pad

Tanso setting


If you scan an object with size around 200x200x200mm or smaller, select mode A, and place the turntable at position A on the positioning pad, because a closer range would capture more features of object and bring higher accuracy. Please note that the minimum object size is 30x30x30mm.

If the object is a bit bigger, around 200x300x300mm, select mode B and place the turntable at position B.

If you want to scan bigger objects around 300x300x300mm, select mode C and place the turntable at position C.

Besides the turntable position, calibration board is another variable factor. Tanso Pro includes three calibration boards (A/B/C) of different size, matching with A/B/C distance on the positioning pad.

Calibration boards

Note: Please make sure the SETTING, distance and calibration board are identical, otherwise the scanning effect may decrease.

Setting calibration board