It is common that some users want to scan big objects or objects with complicated surfaces. One-time scan usually can’t bring you the best result, so usually you need to scan an object twice(or more) in different angle. The 2 outputs are complementary to each other, and they can be combined to create a better model. In our 3DModelProcess software, we help users to merge two models into one in an effective and efficient way.

Before you use the processing software, you have to scan the object at least twice to get two models at different angles. It’s recommended to place the object at the turntable upright in the first scan and lay it down in the second scan, or vise versa. Then export the models to your PC or upload to Cloud.

Open 3DModelProcess software on your PC. Select Merge mode, and import two models one by one. You will see two models displayed in red and green. Two colors are set to distinguish the models.

3d scanner merge mode

Click Align, the models will be automatically aligned into one model with two colors, from these two colors you can still see which part of the merged model is from the red or green model.

3d scanner green model

Another way to align the two models is through manually aligning markers on two models. Click Marker Align, and click Mark. Click on the two models and select at least three markers respectively. The markers on the two models must be at the same position so that the two can be aligned successfully.

3d scanner align

Click Merge, the models will be merged, now it becomes one model and turns blue.

3d scanner merge

You can export the model now.

3d scanner mode

But if you think you need further editing, you can move on to select Process mode. Take this sample model as an example, after we merged the models, many holes can be seen on its surface, so we want to fill the holes. We click Process mode and fill the holes. You can see the models before and after filling hole, quite a big difference.

3d scanner process
3d scanner fill hole

In case you scanned more than 2 model(for example A, B & C),
you can merge A with B firstly, you got the A+B model
then you can repeat the merge operation, merge the A+B with the C again,
Finally you got the a A+B+C model.

For further operations like smooth and clip, please refer to the article How to edit 3D models with 3DModelProcess?