Prepare Tanso for scanning in a few steps, quick and easy.

Step 1. Make sure the Scanner is fully charged.

Tips: Unlike iPad, Tanso 3D scanner does not have a low-consumption standby mode, so you must turn the screen off after each use, otherwise, you will find it out of power when you want to start another scan,  When the scanner is completely out of power , you need to charge it for 3-10 mins before you can turn it on again.

Step 2. Mount the scanner on the tripod and tighten the screw. The tripod has a ball head, which means it can rotate 360 degrees and tilt the scanner 90 degrees, so you can put the scanner horizontally or vertically to scan objects of different sizes and shapes.

Tanso S1 installation

Step 3. Put the scanner tripod and turntable at marked areas on positioning pad. Please note that there are A/B/C area to place the turntable, depending on the size of the scanned objects. The bigger the object, the longer distance between the turntable and scanner.

Ultra-thin 3D scanner

Step 4. Switch the turntable on. Plug in the turntable and switch it on, you will hear 3 signal sounds, which means it is ready to work.

Notice: We kindly remind you that the turntable is working when the power button is shown as in the following picture.

tanso turnable switch on