3. PC server

If you received your Tanso S1 after May 1st, 2020, pleaes read this update article before you read this tutorial.

Step 1.   PC

Close all protection software and firewall on your computer. Install the 3D PC Server and Run it.

You can download from this link: https://www.revopoint3d.com/download/

When you see the Windows Defender SmartScreen, just click “More info” & “Run anyway”

Continue to install the program as you would normally. If you are unable to do this (due to the restrictions on your access), please contact your system administrator for help.

After the installation, you will see the software icon as below.

3D PC server

Step 2.   Smart phone or Router

Option 1:

Turn on hotspot on your smart phone as a Wifi source and get the scanner and PC connected to this Wifi;

PC connected

Option 2:

Turn on WiFi source or router, and get the scanner and PC connected to the same Wifi source at the same time.

Wifi connected

*Wifi is used for creation of local LAN connection only, it is OK if the smart phone or Wifi is not connected to the internet.

Step 3.   PC

Right click the green triangle icon  in bottom right status bar on PC to check the IP address.

3d scanner Local IP

Step 4.  Tanso

Tap SCANNER to enter the scanning page, select PC Login and check if the IP address is the same as that of 3D PC Server. If not, manually input the same. Then log in to complete calibration and scanning.

3D scanner PC login

Step 5.  Tanso

Find the models in Model List, and tap UPLOAD, the button will turn PAUSE

you will see the scanned model is uploading in progress.

3D scanner local mode

Step 6.  PC

Right click the triangle icon of the server to enter web manager to check and export the models to PC.

3D scanner computing

For PC Server transfer, you need to shut down all the protection software & firewall on PC, otherwise you can not proceed to next step. So if you have a Wifi internet access you can choose the Cloud Server Transfer, which is more easy and convenient.

In the following table, you can clearly see the difference of 3 methods.

USB data transfer Cloud server PC server
Model accuracy Standard High High
Who do the computing Tanso Cloud PC
Internet access Requirement No Yes No
Login No login Email address/Username IP address
Tools USB cable Wifi with Internet access Wifi or hotspot without internet access
PC software \  \ 3D PC Server
Website login \  www.infly3d.com \
Operation Easy Easy Less easy