2. Cloud server

If you received your Tanso S1 after May 1st, 2020, pleaes read this update article before you read this tutorial.

Step 1. Make sure the Tanso scanner is connected to a Wifi with internet access.
The internet speed will impact the speed of cloud computing & uploading.

3d scanner Connected

Step 2. To upload models to Cloud, you must select Cloud login instead of PC login at the very beginning (before scanning).

before scanning
3d scanner log out
3d scanner login

*1 Cloud login supports Email & verification code login and Username & password login.

For Email login, you need to take the verification code from time to time, as each code can only be used for once.

3d scanner verification

For Username & password login, you need to set a username & password before you can login.

Create new account
3d scanner User Registration

*2 Once you finish typing, tap the green tick icon  on the right side of the keyboard to hide it.

3d scanner hide the keyboard

Step 3. Calibrate the scanner and scan the object. (See calibration operations in How to calibrate the 3D scanner? and see the scanning procedures in How to scan objects with Tanso S1?)

Step 4. Log in to www.infly3d.com with your Cloud account and password or Email address and verification code.

3d scanner Login

Step 5. Find the models in Model List, and tap “UPLOAD”, you will see the upload progress.

3D scanner upload

Step 6. When the model is uploaded, you will see computing progress on the website. When computing finishes, you can export it to your PC.

3d scanner computing

For Cloud Server transfer, the Wifi speed is a key factor for job, so if your Wifi speed is not good enough, you can try other 2 methods which require no internet access.

In the following table, you can clearly see the difference of 3 methods.

USB data transfer Cloud server PC server
Model accuracy Standard High High
Who do the computing Tanso Cloud PC
Internet access Requirement No Yes No
Login No login Email address/Username IP address
Tools USB cable Wifi with Internet access Wifi or hotspot without internet access
PC software \  \ 3D PC Server
Website login \  www.infly3d.com \
Operation Easy Easy Less easy