1. USB transfer

After you scan an object and export the models in PLY format or STL format, it will be stored in the finalModels folder. Open the folder, you would see the model file and a JPG file which is the texture map of the model.
If you want to export the models to PC for further editing, there are three ways to do it.

The easiest way to export models to PC is using USB cable.

Step 1. Press “Export” button on touch screen when you decide to export the model, and rename it, so you can find it easily.

Step 2. Connect the scanner to PC using a USB cable.

Step 3. Click the USB connection icon to enter the scanner storage folder.

Step 4. Find finalModels folder and Copy or Cut the files to your computer.

The Pro for USB transfer is convenience.

The Con for USB transfer is the accuracy.

For USB transfer, as the computing work is done by the Scanner itself, so due to the limitation of the Scanner processor, the model accuracy is not as high as the Cloud or PC does, if you want to get a model with higher accuracy, please refer to the cloud or PC transfer

In the following table, we have compared the three methods.

USB data transfer Cloud server PC server
Model accuracy Standard High High
Who do the computing Tanso Cloud PC
Internet access Requirement No Yes No
Login No login Email address/Username IP address
Tools USB cable Wifi with Internet access Wifi or hotspot without internet access
PC software \  \ 3D PC Server
Website login \  www.infly3d.com \
Operation Easy Easy Less easy