We have developed a model processing software 3DModelProcess to edit the 3D models scanned by Tanso, and it is for free! Download the latest version 3DModelProcess software on our website https://www.revopoint3d.com/download/ or www.infly3d.com.

3D models process

Run the software on your PC. In the bottom left corner, you will see Process and Merge mode. The former works for single model processing, the latter works for merging two or more models.

In Process mode, you can do some editing actions to the model.

3d scanners editing


Mesh:        mesh the model to change it from 3D point cloud into a solid model.
Clip:           clip the sides of model to your needs.
Fill hole:   fill holes in the model.
Smooth:    smooth the model as flat surface or curved surface.
Undo:        undo the current operation and revert to the previous state.
XMirror:   flip the model horizontally.
Export:      export models in PLY/STL/OBJ format.

In Merge mode, the operations are a little bit different.

3d scanner merge mode


Align:        align two imported models.
Merge:      merge aligned models into one model.
Texture:    map texture onto the model.
Undo:        undo the current operation and revert to the previous state.
Export:      export models in PLY/STL/OBJ format.

Start editing

You can process either local models or Cloud models. To process Cloud models, you need to log in to your cloud account first.

* Local models are models you stored in your scanner or PC.

Cloud models are the ones you uploaded to the Cloud.

3d scanner cloud mode

Take local model processing as an example, select the correct file format and import the model.

3d scanner ply format

Please note that the first processing step should be mesh, which makes the model solid so you can do subsequent actions. As this sample model is already meshed, the mesh button is grey and unclickable here.

3d scanner sample mode
  • By pressing the left mouse button and moving the mouse, you can rotate the model in all directions
  • By pressing the mouse scroll wheel and moving the mouse, you can move the model.
  • By pressing the right mouse button and moving the mouse, you can zoom in/out the model.

You can see there are some holes on the model surface, click Fill hole, and a small window would prop up to ask you to select between by planar surface and by curved surface. We choose the second one here, because the model has a curved surface.

3d scanner curved surface

In one second, the holes are filled.

3d sanner sample holes filled

With holes

3d sanner sample mode2

Holes filled

By clicking Clip, you can clip the model as you need. At the lower left corner, you will see instructions telling you how to clip the model.

3d scanner clip model1
3d scanner clip model

Click Smooth if the model surface is rough. You can click Smooth more than once until you get the result you want. But we have to remind you too many smooth actions may lead to accuracy decrease.

Finally, you can export the edited model in PLY, STL or OBJ format and save it to your PC.

This is only a simple software to edit the models, if you want to do more detailed editing, you can refer to more professional software such as Geomagic, MeshLab, etc.