Calibrating the scanner is an essential step before scanning, as it may affect scanning results. It’s a way to let scanner detect the position of the cameras and projectors in relation to the object, so as to obtain actual camera parameters and get more accurate data.

After putting the scanner and turntable in the right place of the positioning pad, you can start your scan.

Step 1. Turn on the scanner, tap SCANNER to enter the scanning page.

3d scanning page

Step 2. Log in.

You can either log in with Cloud account (Cloud login) or IP address (PC login).

PC login is offered to cope with no Internet connection conditions. Please note that PC login supports two modes, one is login with the default IP address, the other is login with the IP address of PC server, which requires running 3D PC Server software on PC.

*Different login methods result in different model exporting operation. Refer to How to export scanned 3D models for more information.

To make it simple, in this tutorial, we log in with the default IP address.

Tap PC at bottom, you would see an IP address is already there, tap Log in directly

3d scanner Login

Step 3. Tap Fixed scan and bind the scanner to turntable.

3D scanner Fixed scan

Scanner would automatically pair with working turntables. Check the MAC address at the bottom of the turntable and bind to the same one displayed on screen.

3d scanner turntable
finding turntable

Note: Once a turntable is paired with a scanner, it would be remembered. No setup is required afterwards, unless you use a new turntable.

Step 4. Select A/B/C calibration board in accordance with the turntable position, put the calibration board on the holder, and put the two at the center of the turntable. At the same time, you need to tap SETTING at top left corner to select distance A/B/C.

Other parameters such as scanned sides, fill flash and texture can also be configured.

After the setting is completed, tap SETTING again to close the setting panel.

setting panel

Step 5. Adjust the angle of the scanner to ensure the calibration board is in the blue box on screen, tap START CALIBRATING.

start calibrating

If calibration succeeds, just move on to start a scan!

Calibration success

If it fails, mostly it’s because the board is not fully captured by the scanner or because of inconsistent distance setting, you may re-adjust the scanner angle or the distance and try calibrating again.

Tips: Please make sure the scanner and turntable are set up in a stable indoor environment, and minimize environmental disruptions while calibrating or scanning.
1. DO NOT place the scanner on a shaky desk.
2. Avoid direct sunlight or other strong light on the scanned object