In How to export scanned 3D models to PC tutorial, 3 exporting methods are introduced. If you haven’t read it before, you can click the link to get detailed instructions. This tutorial is aimed to tell you the difference of the 3 exporting methods.

We offer 3 methods in order to make sure both beginner users & professional users can choose a best way to access the scanned models.

  1. USB data transfer is the simplest way to transfer data to PC and it works without internet connection.
  1. Cloud login and upload makes data storage and sharing more convenient, wherever you go, as long as you have Internet access, with your Cloud account and password, you can access all the data you uploaded. The cloud service we provide is free of charge, and we have high level security protection standard to make sure only the one who have password can access the data.
  1. PC login is designed for situations where there is no internet connection, but users still need the high accuracy models, which demands some setup, which is a bit more complicated than the other 2 methods.

As Cloud server and PC are more powerful processors compared with the scanner, models processed by Cloud server/PC have higher accuracy than models processed by the scanner.

In the following table, you can clearly see the difference of 3 methods.

USB data transfer Cloud server PC server
Model accuracy Standard High High
Who do the computing Tanso Cloud PC
Internet access Requirement No Yes No
Login No login Email address/Username IP address
Tools USB cable Wifi with Internet access Wifi or hotspot without internet access
PC software \  \ 3D PC Server
Website login \ \
Operation Easy Easy Less easy