When you are scanning with Handysense, you may find some warning prompts occur on the software interface. Two kinds of scanning problems are most frequently encountered by new users.

Problem 1: Few points are captured

When the “point amount few” prompt occurs, it suggests there aren’t enough points captured, which is because the scanner is too far away or too close to the object. You should first check if the depth camera display at the bottom right corner shows the same as the RGB camera display. In the picture above, you can see there is almost nothing captured in the depth image display, and the color bar is in red, showing the scanner is too close to the object.

Solution: adjust the distance between the scanner and the object until the color bar turns green. The recommended scanning distance is around 30cm.

Problem 2: Lose tracking

When the “miss track” prompt occurs, it suggests the scanning is too fast or the model is moved amid scanning, leading to point alignment failure.

Solution: point the scanner to the part already scanned, so that it can track the data and proceed with alignment. Don’t forget to keep an appropriate scanning distance and speed.

* The recommended scanning distance is around 30cm; users will see the color bar is shown in green.