Product Model Tanso S1
Scanning volume(mm) 135(H)x200(W)x200(L)@300 distance
200(H)x300(W)x300(L)@450 distance
300(H)x300(W)x300(L)@600 distance
Texture resolution 2 million-13 million pixels
Texture 24-bit RGB HD mapping
Single-sided scanning accuracy(mm) 0.1
Single-sided scanning range(mm) 135~300(H)x200-400(W)
Working distance(mm) Adjustable 300-600
Point distance(mm) 0.1-0.15
Alignment Automatic turntable alignment
Light source White light
Scanning mode Automatic turntable scanning
Scanning speed 2min/circle
Support 3D printing format stl, ply, obj
Data processing Embedded computing
Camera resolution 13 million pixels (2 cameras)
Projection 1080P color projection
Turntable control Bluetooth
Screen 7.0-inch 2K HD capitative touchscreen
Battery 3100mAH
CPU 2.0GHZ, 6 core ARM processor
Storage 32G
Power supply 12V DC
Multi-screen interaction Airplay/DLNA/Miracast
Operating system Android 7.1
Connection WIFI, Bluetooth4.0, TYPE-C (USB3.0)
Scanner dimensions(mm) 192x122x15
Turntable dimensions(mm) 200×50
Load capacity of turntable 5kg
Net weight 520g
Lightbox accessory (optional)
Function Enhance texture effect
Light source LED
Dimensions(mm) 400x400x400
Power supply 24V
Control Bluetooth
*Note: The accuracy above is obtained in the lab.