Product model Handheld 3D scanner
Technology Dual camera infrared structured light
Single capture accuracy Max 0.1mm
Accuracy level Normal accuracy and high accuracy
Volumetric accuracy Normal accuracy mode: 0.5mm/m;
High accuracy mode: 0.3mm/m
Single capture range (mm)  290 x 214
Working distance (mm) 300±50
Minimum scan volume (mm) 100x100x100
Depth of field (mm) ±50
Scan speed (mm) 10fps
Laser Infrared (eye-safe)
Alignment Feature alignment, marker alignment
Output format STL/PLY/OBJ/3MF
Texture scan Yes
Special object scanning For the transparent and highly reflective objects, please spray powder before scanning.
Outdoor scanning Cover is needed to avoid interference of strong light.
Scanner weight 600g
Dimensions (mm) 215x120x33.6
Printable data output Able to export 3D model directly to 3D printing
Required computer configurations Windows 10, 64-bit
Note *The accuracy above is acquired in standard lab environment, which might vary subject to actual operating environment.