RANGE 3D Scanner

RANGE 3D Scanner for 3d body scans


Product NameRANGE 3D Scanner
TechnologyDual Camera Infrared Structured Light
Single-frame PrecisionUp to 0.1mm
Single-frame AccuracyUp to 0.3mm
Single capture range360mmx650mm @600mm
Working distance300mm~800mm
Minimum scan volume70mm×70mm×70mm
Scan speed12fps~18fps
Light sourceClass 1 Infrared light
Tracking MethodsFeature, Marker
Color ScanningYes
Output formatPLY, OBJ, STL
Point Distance/Resolution0.1mm
Special object scanningUse scanning spray for transparent,dark,or highly reflective objects.
Scanning EnvironmentIndoors and Outdoors
Outdoor ScanningThe RANGE cannot scan objects well in direct bright sunlight.
Scanner weight210g
Scanner Dimensions295mm×42mm×28.2mm
3D Printing CompatibleYes
Compatible OSWindows 8\10\11 (64-bit), Android, iOS, macOS
PC Display Screen Resolution>1344×768(1920×1080 is recommended)
Connection MethodsUSB Micro-B or WI-Fi 5
Hardware ButtonStart/Pause Scan
1.Accuracy was acquired in a controlled lab environment.Actual results might vary,subject to the operation environment.
2.Windows 7 is not supported.
3.iOS devices only support Wi-Fi connection.
4.Class 1 Laser:Avoid direct eye exposure for extended periods!Refer to Standards for Class 1 Lasers for details.