To thank all the Revopoint users, we launched Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales on Gearbest, offering a big discount of 20%. The big sales started from Nov. 29 and end on Dec. 2, for four days.

Black friday

The products on sale include 3D intelligent scanner Tanso S1, high-accuracy 3D camera Acusense and high accuracy and fast 3D face scanner Facense F4. The three products are high quality and cost effective, able to meet various needs. Tanso S1 is the first tablet-scanner in the world, which scans without PC and outputs 3D models with accuracy as high as 0.1mm. Acusense is a small integratable 3D camera that can capture a range from 0.2 to 2 meters, offering an average accuracy of 0.5mm, It is an ideal tool for engineers to develop depth perception, and provide 3D vision for robots. Facense F4 is a 4-camera face scanner which is able to scan the whole face from left ear to right ear within 1 seconds.

The 20% discount is currently the largest discount from Revopoint, offered only once a year. The sales are still in progress, do not miss the opportunity! Visit here to check out our products. If you have any questions, please contact us.