The two-day 3D Body Tech Conference and Expo from 22nd to 23rd October 2019 was successfully held in Lugano, Switzerland. The expo is the world’s largest event dedicated to 3D body scanning and processing technologies and a premier platform for researchers, entrepreneurs and professionals around the world to present and share the latest in 3D human body scanning and processing technologies and applications. This year, over 25 professional exhibitors and hundreds of high-end and professionals across the world attended this expo. The U.S. startup 3D imaging technology company Revopoint also participated in this event and the 3D body scanners it presented made a hit.

During the expo, attendees are attracted by Revopoint’s lightweight and high-performance 3D camera and face scanner. Dozens of attendees asked for a face scan with the 3D camera and face scanner, and were amazed at the results. The compact integratable structured light 3D camera Acusense is able to capture real-time 3D image with 8MP RGB resolution and depth image up to 0.1mm in accuracy. It is capable of scanning a range from 0.2 to 2 meters to satisfy versatile applications like face recognition, motion capture and machine vision. With a computer and the self-developed software, attendees found it easy to operate Acusense and approved of the real-time parameter adjustment function.

Facesense, the well designed and more specialized face scanner drew even greater attention among people who stopped by. Revopoint’s sales representatives showed attendees how to scan a face with only a smart phone, and output the viewable model within 10-60 seconds. Most people said the scan results were “quite desirable” for their applications, and the price offered was “acceptable” in the market. At the end of the expo, all the exhibited products were purchased by the attendees, and many people made detailed inquiry. Dozens of orders are on the way.

Dr. Tao Yang, the R&D director of Revopoint delivered a speech in the opening session, introducing the cost effective and high accuracy 3d imaging technique of Revopoint. He saidRevopoint would always be committed to providing the best 3D cameras and reliable 3D body scanning solutions for more people and applications.