Dear Backers,

In this update, we present the things we have been busy with recently. Each of us was working at full speed last week to prepare for the rewards delivery and our developers keep improving the software. But considering the severe COVID-19 in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, we are facing impeded logistics and other unexpected situations. So we are bringing you some good news and bad ones.

Delivery News

According to the schedule, all pledges shall be sent out last week. While some shipping system errors occurred and the add-ons of some backers were missing, we tried to fix the bugs and resent the confirmation email to you. Also, because of the complex situation caused by the epidemic, we delayed in a week to ship your rewards. It’s deeply sorry about that.

But it is worth pleasing to see that all your pledges have been prepared well and waiting for picking up by the logistics companies, which means all rewards are ready to go!

Let’s have a glance at the rewards at the factory:

Revopoint POP 2

Pledges Prepared at the Factory

Software Upgrading

As communicating with Revopoint users on our social media and forum, we keep improving the POP 2 scanning software. And to provide more professional scans, we will introduce the upgraded 3D scan software– Revo Scan and the calibration software- Revo Calibration to you. With the upgrade software, we believe our 3D scanner will be better! Here is the software updating information from our R&D team:



Software Schedule

Name Story of Revo Softwares

As for the name of Revo Scan, we have invited all Revopoint customers to leave their comments and suggestions on our social media (Facebook and Instagram) to pick up the one that most users like. It’s sincerely appreciated your active involvement, advice, and suggestions to make Revopoint better.

Software Name

Revopoint scan software

Channels to Revopoint Team

Social Media

The latest software, firmware, and delivery information will be published on our official social media. If you want to follow the newest update from Revopoint or share your opinions/suggestion, please follow Revopoint on social media. The official social media are:





There are a lot of professional users who are active in our forum, sharing excellent showcases and scanning experiences. If you are interested in 3D technologies, you can join them as well. The Revopoint Forum is:

Recently, we developed a new section for Second-hand Trading of Revopoint devices, you can create a post as you need at


Second-hand Trading

Customer Service Team

Our customer service team will provide 24-hour online services support. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Tel (US): Toll-free +1 (888) 807-3339

Tel (China): +86 18124196779

Live Chat:

Email: [email protected]

Skype: +1 323 892 0859


Thanks for your patience and support! You are making Revopoint better! We will continue to provide better products and services to all backers! Hope you are all right in the big picture of Covid-19, and take care!


Best Regards

Revopoint Team