When 3D printers hit the market, we were stunned to see how three-dimensional solid objects were printed out from a digital file. 3D printing greatly streamlines manufacturing process and uses less material. In a matter of few days, the idea in your mind would turn to a prototype held in your hands. But before you print something out, you need digital 3D data. You can either create one using any 3D software, which may take a couple of days especially when it’s a complex structure, or you can utilize a 3D scanner to acquire 3D data in a few minutes. Obviously, you would choose 3D scanner, more efficient and accurate, why not?

But 3D scanning sounds complicated and hard for a novice when it comes to the setup and calibration. We are tired of spending too much time on the non-user-friendly user guides. To make 3D scanning easier and more accessible, Revopoint developed an intelligent 3D scanner Tanso S1, bringing unprecedentedly easy scanning experience. It’s the only tablet 3D scanner you find on the market at present. It looks completely like a tablet, but it’s more powerful, with its 3D scanning capabilities.

Tanso S1 is a 7.0-inch structured light tablet 3D scanner. At 520g (1.15lbs) and 15 mm (0.6 in) thin, it’s easy to operate in hand. You can tap, swipe, pinch, or zoom with your fingers just like how you use iPad. Unlike other clumsy scanners, Tanso S1 scans object and processes models without annoying cables or complicated setup. Follow the instructions, the scanner would do its job and present a complete 3D model within 3 minutes.

Backed up by patented AI algorithm and chip, Tanso S1 achieves high accuracy in longer range. It can capture objects with a maximum size of 300 x 300 x 300 mm, allowing more versatile use. The models offer accuracy up to 0.1mm with lifelike color and fine details, and can be exported to common 3D formats like obj., stl. or ply. If you need further editing, a free model processing software is available.

Designed as a tablet, Tanso S1 functions decently as an entertaining tablet. You can watch videos or play games on it. The built-in 1080P color projector gives you more fun.

As Christmas is drawing near, to thank those who support us, we offer 20% discounts for Tanso S1 for two days. It is being sold at $1,188 at Gearbest. Contact [email protected] for more details.