As more and more customers are sending inquiries and placing orders, to help customers learn about our products and shop more conveniently, Revopoint has cooperated with the online platform Gearbest recently.

On Nov. 20, Revopoint joined Gearbest to sell its high-accuracy 3D intelligent scanner and 3D cameras. According to Revopoint’s marketing team, at present, 3D intelligent scanner Tanso S1, 3D camera Acusense and 3D face scanner Facense are being promoted on Gearbest. More 3D products are to be released for sale.

Gearbest is a premier online platform specialized in consumer electronics and gadgets. So far, 5,000 brands and top suppliers have joined Gearbest. According to statistics, Gearbest’s online visits during the Singles Day shopping festival soared to nearly 90 million.

On Gearbest, payment methods like Paypal, Visa and Mastercard are supported and secured. Gearbest iOS and Android App are available, with awesome coupons and discounts offered. Customers who are interested in high-resolution and high-accuracy 3D cameras and scanners are welcome to visit our store at For any questions, please contact our sales representative at [email protected].