CES, the world’s largest consumer technologies show kicks off today in Las Vegas. This premier annual tradeshow brings together consumer technology product manufacturers and service suppliers around the world. It is reported that more than 4,500 exhibitors will launch their new tech products to more than 175,000 attendees from 160 countries during this four-day event from Jan. 7 to Jan. 10

Revopoint, a 3D imaging tech start-up, is one of the new exhibitors at CES 2020, presenting its latest 3D scanning tech products to global visitors. The company will officially unveil its latest handheld 3D scanner, the Handysense, during the trade show. Handysense is a cost-effective handheld 3D scanner for its high performance. Embedded with the small but powerful AI chip independently developed by Revopoint, Handysense is designed to be truly portable at only 400g, and it can perform complex scanning tasks and outputs instant 3D data with accuracy up to 0.1mm. Another feature that makes Handysense easy to use is that it automatic 3D data alignment based on the surface features or attached markers without requiring any tracking equipment. It is able to scan various materials including gypsum, resin, porcelain and metal, making it extremely versatile for a wide range of applications such as art design, body scanning and animation design. It is known to all that handheld 3D scanners often cost thousands of dollars, while this scanner from Revopoint will greatly cut the cost. According to Dr. Zhou, the president of Revopoint, the price of Handysense will be much lower than most of its counterparts.


Except for Handysense, Revopoint is also exhibiting the tablet-like smart 3D scanner Tanso, the structured light 3D camera Acusense and the 4-camera 3D face scanner Facense F4, which are also featured by high accuracy, ease-of-use and more affordable prices. The tablet 3D scanner Tanso is an unprecedented innovation as for its multiple functions as a cable-free 3D scanner and an entertaining Android tablet. The lightweight and compact 3D camera is really versatile and can be integrated with robots for industrial uses. And the Facense F4 is an original 3D face scanner integrating four 3D cameras to capture the whole face from different angles within seconds.

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