Tanso S1

Intuitive Scans to lnvent Greatness

Compact, Comprehensive and Flexible
The Tanso 3D scanner has an accuracy of 0.1mm and is equipped with a 1.3-megapixel color camera to obtain high-definition textures.Featuring the new 7-inch, ultra-thin flat panel design for professional-grade precision and an easy operation experience. It only takes 2 minutes to complete the scan to output a 3D model with vivid colors and fine details.The aluminum alloy shell and magnesium alloy bracket make the product body lightweight.The large battery of 6800maH can continuously scan for 2 hours without any peripherals.
Color 3d Scanner
3d Color Laser Scanner
0.1mm High Precision Modeling
High Resolution 3d Scanner
13 million Pixel Color Texture
High Resolution 3d Scanner
Fully Automatic Scanner
Color 3d Scanner
6800maH super battery2 hours of continuous work
3d Color Laser Scanner
Bluetooth control peripheralsSupports WiFi and USB-C transmission
High Resolution 3d Scanner
Open System Android TabletCustomize Your Own 3D Application
Rigorous texture and colors
Equipped with a 2 million pixel 3D imaging camera and a 13 million RGB texture camera, scan quickly with accuracy. The model is colorful, and the texture is delicate, meeting the demanding requirements of reverse engineering such as VR/AR, games, e-commerce modeling, and more.
Color 3d Scanner
3d Color Laser Scanner
The 3 modes support high-precision scanning of objects in multiple sizes
  • Minimum object size: 10x10x10 mm3
  • Maximum object size: 500x500x500 mm3
Smart Tablet Functions
One-key calibration
One-key Scanning
Model Sharing
AW/AE(Automatic white balance/automatic exposure)
Custom AR and 3D Game Creation
Smart Micro Projector
Cutting Edge Battery Lifespan
The 6800mH battery brings 2 hours of scanning time, allowing you to easily capture more details.
3d Color Laser Scanner
High Resolution 3d Scanner
The fanless design stabilizes the scanning accuracy. The metal body has a superheat dissipation function, and the heat is conducted through the body. The body is hot, but the device is normal to extend the life of the battery.
Rapid Cloud Transmission
No PC is required. The body is super thin and light, so you can place it in your backpack to scan for ultimate portability. The Tanso S1 features a wireless Bluetooth connection and transmission to our free cloud service, so you can store and view your 3D model instantly.
Open Andriod System
This is an open Android system, so you can develop your own 3D applications.