Independent R&D

600g lightweight body

Accuracy Up to 0.1mm

High-speed scanning

safe Infrared light


Handysense is a portable and versatile handheld 3Dscanner independently developed by Revopoint. lt isdesigned small and compact, and also easy to use.Driven by the powerful Al algorithm and infrared con-trol technique, Handysense is able to conduct complexscanning tasks, such as product development and pro-totype design, making 3D scanning easier, more effec-tive and more reliable.

High Accuracy

Accurate and fast 3D output in every framerate.

Wide Application

What it can do?

Anmination Design

Utilize invisible and safe infrared light controltechnique to scan and reconstruct the face andbody.

Heritage preservation

Quickly reconstruct 3D models for art design,applicable to materials such as gypsum, resin,pottery, porcelain, bamboo, stone and metal.

Body Scanning

Design and create 3D virtual objects such ascharacters, scenes and props in film, television and animation,improving production efficiencyand quality.

Art & Design

Collect 3D data of cltural artifacts to help arti-fact restoration and preservation, and buildcultural heritage database.

Easy To Use

Handysense handheld 3D scanneris able to scan with/without markers.