Robust and Powerful Performance

Looking for a high-precision 3D scanner that rapidly scans and creates models for printing? The Revopoint POP 3D scanner is a full-color scanner with unlimited scanning capabilities. The highest single-frame has an accuracy of up to 0.3mm, texture scan, 8Fps scanning speed, and can quickly generate vibrant models for 3D printing.

3D scanned models

Encapsulate Details from Any Angle

POP is versatile, so you can quickly and easily scan models for 3D printing human face or body, sculpture, cars, animals, and more.

Precise and High- Resolution Imaging

A high-precision 3D scanner that accurately captures color and intricate textures for the 3D model.

textured and untextured 3d models of a mans face
POP 3D scanner scanning bearded man wearing a white jumper

Safe and Anti-Glare Technology

Not all scanners are designed to scan the human face or animals with white light or laser. The POP model features an infrared light source so humans and the animal will not feel uncomfortable while scanning. The infrared is invisible to the human eye, so there will be no glare from scanning.

Freedom to Carry Everywhere

The POP 3D Scanner weighs only 200g. It is a lightweight and compact size, so you can easily place it in your backpack for scanning on the go.

Quickly Export and Scan Your 3D Model

Export and Format Scans in One Device

The algorithm of the POP is efficient and lightweight. Its built-in chip can finish most of the calculation & mapping work, so the Revopoint POP 3D scanner does not require a strong CPU or GPU from the connected PC/Phone/Pad.




3D software suit for Revopoint 3D sanner

User-Friendly Post-Processing Software

The POP scanner features automatic alignment and custom editing functions so you can quickly create 3D models. Great to rebuild artwork, restore cultural relics, props for movies, and more.

Revo studio's UI
The accessories of Revopoint POP and POP 2

Improved Performance with Accessories

The POP 3D scanner has many accessories that are made to improve the stability and speed of scanning. Accessories include a 360-degree rotating turntable, a multi-functional phone holder, LED soft light for photography, and more for higher-grade precision.

3D scanner Mobile accessories

POP 3D Scanner