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Another batch has been fulfilled! Our shipments are at full speed!

Dear Backers, Great pleasure to meet you again. While we are still busy with production and packaging for the next batch, some of you have received your POP and started scanning. I am sure you ...

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Use Case – Scanning Large-sized Objects with Handysense

In comparison with stationary 3D scanners, handheld 3D scanners are favored by their portability and versatility. If accuracy is not the most important factor for your consideration, a handheld 3D scanner would offer more possibilities, ...

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Use Case – Scanning Objects with Handysense Outdoors

Handysense can be used outdoors, but like any other structured-light 3D scanners, strong light is a tricky challenge. If you need to use Handysense outdoors, please avoid scanning in direct sunlight or use a cover ...

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Troubleshoot Frequently Encountered Problems While Scanning with Handysense

When you are scanning with Handysense, you may find some warning prompts occur on the software interface. Two kinds of scanning problems are most frequently encountered by new users. Problem 1: Few points are captured ...

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