Though the coronavirus pandemic is disrupting our daily lives, industrial production, and many other aspects, innovations never cease. The virus will be conquered one day, a promising future is always on the way, as technology is leading us there.

Today, Revopoint takes pride in announcing the release of Handysense, the new generation of cost-effective handheld 3D scanner!

Handysense adopts Revopoint’s proprietary 3D camera module and embedded AI chip to deliver accurate and fast 3D scan. The compact full metal housing makes it more durable. The housing color is customizable for customers’ needs. This handheld 3D scanner is designed flexible and easy to use with its one-click scan and simple software operation, ideal for product development and prototyping.

1) What to expect from Handysense

  • Cost-effective – high performance empowered by proprietary technologies
  • Accurate – single capture accuracy up to 0.1mm
  • Fast – 3D scan at 10fps and instant data output
  • Small – weighs only 600g
  • User friendly – one-click scan & simple software, USB powered scan supported
  • Safe – invisible infrared light adopted, safe for face and body scanning

2) What Handysense can do

Body scanning

Invisible and safe infrared light control technique is utilized to scan and reconstruct face and body.

Cultural artifacts preservation

3D data of cultural artifacts is collected for restoration and preservation, and for building cultural heritage database.

Art & design

Quickly reconstruct 3D models for product design, adaptable to materials including gypsum, resin, pottery, porcelain, bamboo, stone and metal.


The handheld 3D scanner is easy to use for teachers and learners, helping to create more fun and creative courses.

3)3D models created by Handysense




Please stay tuned for more information about Handysense.