Unlike 2D imaging, 3D cameras can capture depth information and give robots smart eyes to handle complex tasks like pick and place, inspection and dimension measurement in a flexible way. Micron-level accuracy 3D camera can greatly increase production efficiency, minimize defects and cut manufacturing costs on the factory floor.

Robotic arm
Scanning modeling

3D reverse modeling

3D reverse modeling is a method of acquiring the three dimensions of objects and extracting essential information from 3D scan results to create a prototype of a physical object, for example, a house or a workpiece. Compared with traditional designing procedures from concept to modeling, reverse modeling saves time, cuts costs and meets specific needs.


3D scanning seems to reshape standard product manufacturing and makes it more personalized than ever. With our 3D scanner, accurate 3D models of someone’s foot, head or leg can be obtained within a matter of minutes. With 3D models, companies can bring truly custom-fit products to every customer. This made-to-fit production surely reduces customer’s uncertainty about whether a garment or a pair of shoes fits them, especially in this online shopping era.


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