It’s horrifying to see the worldwide coronavirus cases skyrocketed to 1.3 million, and the U.S. cases accounts for over 26%. BBC reported a shocking news that the UK prime minister Boris Johnson was taken to ICU after his coronavirus symptoms worsened. The coronavirus curve seems not bending right now. Countries are locking down their borders to contain the spread of the virus.

Factories and supply chains have been hit hard amid the coronavirus outbreak. A new survey conducted by the National Association of Manufacturers revealed that 78.3% of the respondents in the manufacturing field said the outbreak had an impact on their businesses. And many decides to change their operations in the coming months. A wise decision is to streamline the operations and cut costs. For those who rely on 3D scanning technology to automate their production line will also have to make such choices.

It’s widely recognized that 3D scanners are expensive. Handheld 3D scanners at a professional level costs thousand, and high-end 3D scanner price usually starts from $10,000. The picture below shows the market price of a series of handheld 3D scanners. The price ranges from $5,499 to $37,000. Obviously, it’s not what we consider as “cheap”. Of course, there are 3D scanners that cost just a few hundreds. But think about the quality, it’s better not to waste the money.

Every customer pursues a balance between quality and price. Revopoint has been committed to offering customers cost-effective 3D scanners and 3D cameras to automate their production line. At a lower price, customers can get a product of the same quality as those high-end brands. Handysense is a cost-effective structured-light handheld 3D scanner adopting Revopoint’s proprietary 3D camera module and embedded AI chip to deliver accurate and fast 3D scan. It is designed flexible and easy to use with one-click scan and simple software operation, ideal for applications including product design, body scanning and cultural heritage preservation. At the same parameter level, the price of Handysense is promised to be much lower than its counterparts.

3D model of a Tang Dynasty court lady statue replica scanned by Handysense