Dear backers,


Every one of us has been working non-stop from the beginning of March. And to answer all your questions in a more efficient way, instead of replying to all your comments or messages, we wrote this update to tell you guys something about the first batch and address the problems that concern you.


First Batch POP Has Been Shipped


We noticed that many of you had actively discussed the shipment for the last month. No matter the joys and sorrows you guys are facing right now, we start a new journey on the path to scan objects with your POP or going to get your POP at least. For this point, we should cheer for all your support and the Revopoint team’s effort to make such a meaningful thing come true. We shipped the March batch:

POP shipping

Delivery Status of March Batch

For batch sent in March, some of you have gotten your POP scanners, we here offer congratulations on the successful arrival; some of you had received a notice from FedEx then a message shown that it had been canceled from the shipper or had no any information from FedEx or the customs, we feel really sorry for your disappointment. We checked the issue with FedEx and the customs side about what happened on earth about the product failing to arrive on your side. After confirmation, the following causes block the way: the customs returned the products because of inconsistent Product packaging with the logistics regulation and customs requirements;

Returned POP

We sincerely apologize again for your failure to get your Revopoint POP timely because of the above or other reasons. And thanks for your patience and support.


Latest Schedule for Remaining Backers  

Originally, we shipped packages according to the backer’s number, which means that the early backers will get the packages earlier. However, we changed our mind after we talked to our partner logistics company and sent out the first batch of products.

Backers are from different countries. For instance, if we sent 10 packages respectively to the 10 super early bird backers who might be from 10 different countries, the logistics company will process 10 shipments to different countries, which will complicate the whole shipment arrangement.


And the first batch we shipped according to your backer No. in bulk cargo but returned by customs. Though we are actively pushing the problem to be resolved as soon as possible, it indeed adds lots of work on the busy team.


In a word, for smooth delivery and taking into consideration of the time to be spent on export declaration and re-packaging, the rest shipment is arranged based on the order of top countries and the order of the time we received your survey and we also plan to send the remaining products all in fast shipping so that you can receive your POP as earlier as you can.

We will deliver 1500pcs a week starting in this week according to country and region.

Here are the details of the delivery order:

Backers of global

The 1500pcs of US has been shipped on April 5!!!

Quick Quiz

  1. Why am I missing several items from the package received, and when will the missing parts/add-ons arrive?


A: The missing are parts with batteries; most of the domestic logistics companies have no support for battery stuff service, they need to be shipped separately, and we are positively looking for a stable delivery channel to make sure that once your parcel is shipped, the others will send out within 2 weeks. And we will bear the second shipping fee for you.


  1. How can I get the tracking No.? And How the shipping works?


A: Here is the delivery works: Revopoint Factory (finished) → Logistics provider site(3 Days) → Customs declaration by the logistics provider (3 days)→ shipping (3 days) → Customs of Destination (3 days)→ Individuals

Process of delivery

After the POP is out of China customs, you will get a notice (or the product is returned).

If everything goes well, the tracking No. will get your POP in 7-15 days once shipped.


  1. Why did FedEx ask me for an extra 55 € after I paid for my express?

A: The Revopoint POP on Kickstarter does not include tax, shown on the order page, and the import duties and VAT are borne by individuals. The extra 55€ or others asked by FedEx probably is for customs clearance, or you can directly ask why you should pay extra money to FedEx, but the money has nothing to do with Revopoint Team.

The tax may differ in different countries and regions and Right now, most logistics companies have no services like lower value invoices, but we will try our best to contact logistics companies to deal with your proper demand.


  1. How long will I receive my parcel once shipped?

At present, all FedEx parcels have been sent out. And the rest (for the next batches) will be delivered in fast shipping, it will arrive within 4-10 days as soon as delivery.


  1. How can I get an invoice after receiving my POP?

A: After getting your parcel, you can send us an email to cus[email protected] in the following format:


Subject: Invoice Claim

Body: Backer No.:

     Order Price:


*Your e-mail must cover the above information


We are on the path to fulfill our commitment and want to give all of you a great thank you for your continuous support and encouragement. At the right moment, we are deeply engaged in work, fun and meaningful, serving a group of creative and wonderful people. We are really proud of being a part of it and it was you’re waiting patiently that allows us to do our jobs. Thanks, A Lot.



Revopoint Team

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