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Why is the screen black and unresponsive after I plug it into an outlet?2019-08-05T03:23:33+00:00

The battery may be completely drained, let it charge for 3 to 10 minutes, then you would see the charging battery icon.

Tip: “Calibration failure,please try it again”.2019-07-11T09:38:29+00:00

①Check whether the scanner and the turntable are placed correctly on the positioning pad;
②Ensure the calibration board is placed in the center of the turntable;
③Confirm that the calibration board is completely displayed in the calibration box on the screen.
Please calibrate again after finishing the above steps.

After tapping Scan, it displays “Unable to connect to the network,please Check the network connection!”2019-07-01T04:20:31+00:00

Please check the WIFI connection.

It displays “Please calibrate again and ensure that the calibration board faces to the scanner and the device is stable”.2019-07-11T11:19:09+00:00

When scanning, make sure that the desktop is not shaking and the device is not moved,and there is no complex light source around;please try again.

It displays “Uploading timeout,please enter model list to upload”.2019-07-01T05:13:32+00:00

If uploading takes more than 3 mins,it’s recommended to check the network and enter the list to upload model.

The turntable fails to rotate or it fails to enter the scanning page when scanning.2019-07-01T05:13:37+00:00

Please check whether the turntable is on, if it still doesn’t work,
please restart the turntable and the software.

Device overheat.2019-07-01T05:13:43+00:00

It is normal that the device will heat up after continuous scanning or video-playing for 1 to 2 hours. Please shut down the device for a 10-minute break.

Fuzzy projection.2019-07-01T05:13:48+00:00

Wipe the front lens with the cleaning cloth.

Noise can be seen in the scanned model.2019-07-01T05:13:53+00:00

When scanning, make sure the object to be scanned, the scanner and the turntable are not moved. No other objects should be placed within 300 mm around the turntable, and there should be no movable light source or reflective objects behind the turntable.

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