Many customers showed great interest in our Areascan 3D cameras, and inquired about things like the parameters, usage and applications. One of the frequently asked questions is about the requirements for the computer running the 3D camera software.

How to use Areascan?

The 3D camera software, which is free of charge for customers who buy Areascan, must be installed and run before using Areascan. Two software versions are available to adapt to Linux and Windows operating systems. The software is easy to use, and has a clean interface. For Windows system, driver is not required for the installation. There are just a few simple steps to use Areascan. First, download the software package from Revopoint website, then connect the camera to a PC using a USB cable, finally run the 3D camera program to start using the camera. The software interface and the parameters are introduced in the User Guide.

To satisfy customers’ needs to develop applications with advanced functionalities, SDK for Linux and Windows is open to developers, together with the SDK user manuals. The interfaces are explained in detail to help developers to realize the functions they need.

Computer requirements

One of the advantages of Areascan is its built-in processing capability thanks to the proprietary AI chip. That’s to say, the camera can directly calculate and process the 3D point cloud, so it’s not necessary to use professional computers to do the processing task. The following table shows the recommended computer specifications, which are common to see in normal computers.



Operating system

Linux (Ubuntu 18.04); Windows 8/10


i5 or above


8G recommended, at least 4G

Graphics card

GTX 1080 or above


At least 1 USB port and 1 Ethernet port