Next week from Jan. 7 to Jan. 10, 2020 in Las Vegas, Revopoint will be exhibiting at CES 2020 in Las Vegas Convention Center! As the event is drawing near, the team is making final preparations.

CES is the world’s largest Consumer Electronics Show that gathers hundreds of thousands of buyers, suppliers and visitors around the world. It’s the first time that Revopoint attends this global event. We will exhibit all of our high-accuracy 3D products. One of the featured products we will exhibit is the tablet-like 3D scanner, Tanso S1. It is the first Android tablet 3D scanner, designed to be extremely easy to use. It can scan a longer range and presents high resolution and accuracy. Visitors are welcome to try a 3D scanning with Tanso S1 at our booth to find out what makes it different from other 3D scanners. We will also present the lightweight 3D camera Acusense, which offers higher accuracy than some of its counterparts but costs far less. Revopoint developed the embedded AI chip and algorithm that drives the 3D camera to present reliable results. Another new product that will meet the audience is the 4-camera 3D face scanner, Facense F4. You can scan your own face with it using your smartphone and get a high-accuracy 3D face model within seconds.

Except for these commercial-grade 3D products, Revopoint will also unveil its industrial-grade 3D cameras. According to Dr. Zhou, the president of Revopoint, the products will be “game changers” in the 3D vision market, because it combines “high accuracy and cost effectiveness”, which is what every customer wants.

About Revopoint

Founded by a group of young researchers, Revopoint 3D Technologies Inc. develops and manufactures high-accuracy and easy-to-use 3D scanners & cameras for a wide range of industries like education, healthcare, robotics, and security. Typical applications of our 3D cameras include consumer goods customization, 3D reconstruction and industrial inspection. Revopoint expands business across the world, serving an international customer base.


Come and meet the team!

Booth: South Hall 3-31818, LVCC

Las Vegas, NV

Jan. 7-10, 2020