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Huawei Unveiled Mate30 Series with Revolutionary Camera Setup

9 days after Apple released the iPhone 11 series, Huawei followed to unveil its latest flagship phones Mate30 and Mate30 Pro in Munich on Sept. 19. Huawei Mate30 is powered by the company's Kirin ...

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China’s Deepfake App ZAO Went Viral but Provoked Immediate Privacy Concerns

On August 31st, an app called ZAO unexpectedly rocketed to the top of the download chart of China’s iOS app store. Last weekend, on WeChat, China’s most popular social network, people were amazed ...

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After Apple & Huawei, Samsung Finally Applied 3D Facial Recognition Tech to Its Latest Note 10 Series

  Samsung officially released the Galaxy Note 10 series in New York, USA on the morning of August 21, 2019, including Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. It is worth mentioning that in terms ...

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Nike Launched 3D Foot Scanning App to Recommend Ideal Shoe Size

  The American footwear company, Nike, has developed an app called Nike Fit that uses 3D scanning to recommend ideal shoe size for consumers. The digital foot measuring software is designed to resolve the problem ...

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