3d softwares for 3d scanning

Essential 3D Tools

Getting your 3D scan is only half the story in making your 3D model useful. Because unless you’re fortunate, some form of model post-processing usually needs to be done to your scan to get it ready for its final purpose. Fortunately, a wealth of third-party essential 3D tools are available to help you out.  …

structure light principle

How do Structured Light 3D Scanners Work?

If you’ve ever wondered how structured light 3D scanners work, congratulations, you’ve got a curious mind and thirst for knowledge that’ll get you far in life. As you may already know, structured light scanning is one of the main methods of 3D scanning, along with photogrammetry and laser scanning. What you might not know is…

body 3D scanner

How to 3D Scan a Person

What drives someone to 3D scan a person? Lust for gold? Power? Or does it just save them a ton of time? It’s probably the third one, but you never can honestly know. The popularity of 3D scanning people is rapidly growing as it allows the creation of customized health solutions, hyper-realistic characters in video games…