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3D Printed Valves to Save the Lives of COVID-19 Patients in Italy

As of March 19, 2020, there are more than 41,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Italy, with over 3,400 deaths, which makes Italy the deadliest epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. The surging number of ...

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Why do Companies Turn to 3D Machine Vision Instead of 2D?

The fourth industrial revolution, or known as Industry 4.0, signifies an increase in the adoption of smart and autonomous systems in the industries. One of the contributors to automation is enabling robots to “see” ...

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3D Sensors’ Applications in Industrial Automation

Nowadays, flexible production becomes more urgent for industrial automation. Since 2D imaging system restricts machine vision applications due to its two-dimensional nature, applications such as bin picking, Inline inspection and dimensional measurement are already moving ...

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Three 3D File Formats that Revopoint’s 3D Scanners Output

During the CES 2020 show, many visitors ask us questions relevant to our 3D scanners. The most frequently asked questions include the file format that our scanners export, and if the file is compatible with ...

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Areascan Industrial 3D Camera in a Weld Seam Tracking Application

Using 3D sensors in robotic welding helps factories improve the weld quality and the laborious manual welding operation, which is particularly good for welding in dangerous work environment with high temperature and fumes. Revopoint’s Areascan ...

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