During the 4-day Bett Show 2020 in London from Jan. 22 to Jan. 25, people stop by and gather around the booth of Revopoint, interested by its innovative and small-sized 3D scanners. Bett is the world’s largest education technology show where educators and learners come together to discover the latest education inspirations, ideas and tools.


Tanso is a tablet 3D scanner which provides the easiest 3D scanning experience for non-professional users, perfect for education or home use. With the powerful embedded chip, you simply follow several steps and tap the touchscreen to turn physical objects into digital models within 2 minutes, and preview the 3D models from all angles on the tablet. Common 3D formats can be exported for 3D printing – a perfect companion for 3D printers.

At the show, educators and students find themselves able to scan something with Tanso in a couple of minutes when the professionals encourage them to have a try on their own. This is what makes Tanso stand out – making 3D scanning easy for everyone. Visitors are also surprised by the fine details and resolution of the final model. The 0.1mm accuracy and vivid color of the 3D results can rival branded 3D scanners, but at a far more reasonable price.

3D scanning and 3D printing are important in the incoming era, especially for the engineering sector. Fast and easy 3D scanning experience will inspire students and better prepare them for future work.


About Revopoint

Revopoint develops and manufactures affordable high-accuracy and easy-to-use 3D scanners & cameras for a wide range of industries such as education, healthcare, robotics, and security. Typical applications of our 3D cameras include consumer goods customization, 3D reconstruction and industrial inspection. Revopoint expands business across the world, serving an international customer base.