Wearable Device Design

Smart Bluetooth Earphone Monitor

“Earphone monitor is the in-ear monitor headphone especially designed for singers, musical instrument players and anchorpersons to monitor the sound on the stage. With the earphone monitor in the ear, singers can hear their own voices and the accompaniment, and avoid going out of tone when performing on the stage. But, in accordance with the research, wearing traditional earphone monitor is rather complicated and inconvenient. Besides, the performers may have the risk of dropping their earphone monitor during the perfor- mance. The smart Bluetooth earphone monitor “Fly Me to the Cloud” that we designed can solve these problems. In addition, our earphone monitor fits human ear ergonomically and will not drop down during strenuous exercise. With the bluetooth-Audio link accessory, this earphone monitor can bring clearer voice and better performance experience.”

——– Lu Shuying

3D scanned earphone
a 3d model of an ear with a customization earphone model
3D scan of a customized safety and rescue helmet

Rescue Helmet for Smart Auxiliary Measurement

“Hoffnung, a rescue helmet for smart auxiliary measurement, can meet the rescuers’ needs for a timely, efficient rescue plan in the complex and changing environment of the disaster area.With the TOM depth measurement lenses on both sides of the helmet scanning the environment, it transmits the information of dimension, supporting point and rescue channel to the users through the mixed reality lenses in the front of the helmet. In addition, under the premise of ensuring endurance and comfort, the weight of the internal support structure of the helmet is mostly reduced so as to relieve the physical burden on rescuers.”

——-Yiguang Han