One of the top uses of 3D scanners is effortlessly creating 3D printing-ready models. The main reason for this is that it’s a great way of saving a lot of time and money. Rather than potentially waiting for months for expensive replacement parts to be shipped with some 3D scanning and printing, you can have a new part in hours. It’s also great for rapid prototyping and ensuring that the prototypes are the correct size.

All of Revopoint’s 3D scanners are 3D printing ready by exporting your scans in STL format.

POP 2 for 3D printing

Great for Multipurpose 3D printing scenarios with medium to large objects

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POP 3 3D Scanner for 3D printing
3d scan of girl with long hair and hands behind her back 3d printed into a model

A Gift to Remember

Create Customized 3D-printed miniature people or pets as a gift will definitely stand out.

Become the Superhero

Personalize or improve action figures using a 3D printed head of yourself or your child

Dr. Strange toy model with its head swapped for a 3d scan of someone's head 3d printed.

Streamlined Prototyping

Streamline prototyping automotive parts by capturing accurate measurements with a 3D scanner and then being able to rapidly test the modification by 3D printing.

Customized Body Protection

One size doesn’t fit all, and with accurate 3D scans, you can create protective gear that perfectly fits.

the process for creating a customized 3D-printed protector for an arm cast

MINI for 3D Printing

The essential 3D scanner when accuracy and tiny details are absolutely crucial for 3D printed objects.

MINI 3D scanner for 3d printing
duplicate model of space marine 3d printed

Duplicating or Customizing Miniatures

Two, three, or more are often better than one, opening up a whole new world of kitbashing.

Rapid Replacement Parts

Quickly create replacement parts that are guaranteed to fit and get the broken machine working again

broken bike chain clip, scanned and then 3d printed and fixed onto a bike

Creating Unique Jewelry

Create truly one-of-a-kind jewelry by scanning an object, then scaling down the model to create cute earrings or necklaces.

Dentists Hate this Trick

Save an arm and a leg by creating your own perfectly fitting retainers by scanning a dental model.

dental cast and two retainers