Beyond the highly accurate 3D face scanner Facense, Revopoint takes a leap forward to offer another low-cost 3D face reconstruction technique. But this time, you don’t even need a 3D scanner to obtain 3D face models.

This 3D face reconstruction technique can generate high-resolution 3D face models from one piece of color image of a person. Based on advanced AI technology, 3D face point cloud is reconstructed to recover facial features and expressions accurately from real-world color images. The 3D face model has high expressiveness to restore lots of facial details such as face muscles, rising lips and teeth of a smiling face. Additionally, the lighting is also taken into account to adapt to different conditions and make the models look even truer to the original image.

Not only the photos, this technique pushes the boundaries of imagination, reconstructing 3D face models from ancient portrait paintings, for example, the famous Mona Lisa.

According to Revopoint’s research team, this technique delivers superior performance to other state-of-the-art methods, presenting more details of a face.

Needing no 3D imaging hardware, this 3D face reconstruction technique can rival professional 3D scanners. This means you don’t need to buy a 3D scanner to get 3D face models with subtle details and vivid color. This 2D-to-3D reconstruction technique breaks the limit of two-dimensional images and increases 3D modeling efficiency for applications like 3D figurine printing, role-playing games and virtual online display. Imagine how cool it is to just upload one of your photos and then see your own face doing all the actions in a game!