The 3DViewer software has been released by Revopoint recently, which is developed for users to set the 3D depth camera parameters and view captured images in real time so as to acquire high quality 3D data. The latest version of the software is available for our 3D depth camera users.

The 3D depth camera is compatible with Windows8/10 and Linux (Ubuntu18.04) systems. The installation is simple and fast, and we provide tutorials and necessary files for users. Before starting the software, users should connect the camera to a PC with the USB cable.

To ensure high work efficiency and better user experience, the software interface is designed simple, clean, and beginner-friendly.

The software is mainly divided into two distinctive parts. On the left is parameters of the depth camera and color camera as well as some operation buttons, while the right part is to display the captured 2D images and 3D models.

When the camera is working, you can set the parameters, meanwhile the 2D images and 3D models are viewable on the right. Set the parameters until you get the results you want, and save it to your computer.


  • Resolution – The clarity of the camera.
  • Frame Rate – The frequency of the image displayed.
  • Gain – To set camera brightness; To obtain high accuracy, the value is recommended to be ≤3.
  • Depth Range – To set the depth range captured by the camera; distance value will be by default if it is input beyond the default range.
  • ContrastMin – Higher value means more precise output.
  • Smooth – Higher value means better data smoothness.
  • Auto exposure – To start/stop auto exposure, select high quality or fix framerate mode; select center or global capturing.
  • If you need further information about the software, please contact your local distributor or contact us at [email protected].